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Treading Lightly at Hillside Farm

Keeping The Environment In Mind

Bryher is an island of contrasts. Both wild and ruggedly beautiful,  and delicately fragile, home to some of the UKs most rare, and very tiny flora. It is also an island that is challenged by limited resources and climate changes such as water supply and more extreme weather conditions. 

At Hillside Farm we are trying to keep the sustainability of this wonderful environment at the forefront of our minds as we farm into the future. Here are some of the ways we are hoping to "tread lightly".

When you choose to stay with us we hope that you feel you can be part of keeping Bryher beautiful by treading lightly whilst you are here. Thank you for supporting our farm.

 *We grow our fruit and vegetables using a no dig system, helping to improve the soil health, encourage bugs and grubs that support a biodiverse ecosystem and captures rather than releases carbon. We never use herbicides or pesticides.

 *We use natural fertilisers, making our own seaweed fertiliser and collecting manure, woodchip and compost waste.

 *We farm following regenerative, low impact methods. Our North Devon cattle are primarily used as conservation grazers, working alongside the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to maintain habitats for rare species, creating diverse landscape, helping to spread seeds and encourage dung fauna and birdlife. We grow herbal leys, (mixed grasses and herbs) that naturally benefit both cattle health and soil health.

 *We try to leave some areas a little "wild and scruffy" for insects to thrive.

 *We collect rainwater from our roofs to keep our polytunnel crops watered, reducing pressure on the drinking water supplies.

 *We try to encourage a mindful attitude to water consumption.

 *We try to use refill products where possible, (washing up liquid for example) and packaging that is either recyclable or compostable.

 *We recycle our silage wrap, this goes to make garden furniture.

 *We try to connect and work with others to learn more about how we can do things better, and to educate others about what we are doing. 

There is always more to do and we will keep trying to reduce our impact on the environment, whilst maintaining a home and business that is viable.  If you are interested to find out more, keep an eye on our social media for farm news and farm tours that take place throughout the summer.

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